CODE Awarded Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award

Center of Developing Entrepreneurs Interior Workspace

Center of Developing Entrepreneurs | C 2RW

The Center of Developing Entrepreneurs (CODE) in Downtown Charlottesville has been honored with the prestigious Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award, an accolade that recognizes the exceptional strides made in creating a healthier and more sustainable world.

A big congratulations goes to the architects Wolf Ackerman and Eskew+Dumez+Ripple for their visionary work on this project. Featuring a public plaza and 215,000 SF of multi-use space, CODE embodies a strategic blend of coworking, office space, and shared amenities.

The success of the CODE building is due to the strong commitment to environmental responsibility. Guided by meticulous research, the design features low-emissions materials and an efficient ventilation system that delivers double the standard fresh air flow with just one-third the energy consumption of a typical office building. Also essential to these savings were the incorporation of high-efficiency HVAC systems, a heat recovery chiller system, rainwater harvesting, an advanced BAS with localized demand limiting, and high-efficiency LED lighting.

The Green GOOD DESIGN Sustainability Award underlines the importance of forward-thinking and responsible design in our quest for a sustainable future. Congratulations to all!