About Us

Our Firm

2RW is a Virginia-certified small business (SWaM) with offices in Charlottesville, VA and the DC Metro Area. We have been focused on creating highly efficient, socially responsible buildings for nearly four decades. This long-standing commitment to sustainability and social responsibility is realized through integrated, innovative, and efficient MEP/FP system design. We aim to help building owners reduce their total cost of ownership, improve occupant comfort and safety, and reduce their environmental impact—contributing to a more sustainable and resilient future.

Our Team

2RW values and invests in talent development. Ensuring every individual feels valued and supported in their professional journey contributes to heightened job satisfaction and superior results for our clients. We promote continuous learning, empowering everyone to refine their expertise. This commitment enhances teamwork and communication, fostering exceptional outcomes for our partners. By fostering a culture rooted in collaboration, creativity, and innovation, we create an environment where diverse ideas and perspectives flourish, driving innovative solutions that align perfectly with our clients’ needs. Meet our Leadership Team.

What Drives Us

2RW is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and customer service. A passion for excellence, innovation, and the desire to help our clients achieve their vision, is what drives our team.

Quality & Excellence

Reliability, precision, and efficiency are essential for building trust and long-term client relationships. Our proven project methodology delivers repeatable, high-quality results so we’re always delivering the absolute best for you, on time and on budget. We strive to exceed your expectations with innovative designs backed by thorough analyses, accurate data, and high-quality service.


2RW is committed to maintaining a high standard of ethics and integrity in all aspects of its business. Our strong ethical code of conduct emphasizes accountability and respect for both clients and employees. This level of integrity and commitment to doing what’s right builds trust and long-term relationships with clients and creates a positive work environment for employees. It demonstrates a dedication to providing honest and transparent services that prioritize client needs and goals and continues to drive success for the company and create positive outcomes for both clients and employees.


With increasing concerns about climate change and the need to reduce our carbon footprint, it’s important for companies to prioritize sustainability and responsible use of natural resources. Energy efficiency is at the core of 2RW’s business. We are not only helping clients save money on their utility bills but also reducing their impact on the environment. 2RW calculates client needs and leverages our sustainability expertise to ensure project success and aims to exceed client expectations.


Clear communication and collaboration are key to successful project outcomes. 2RW places a strong emphasis on frequent, open, and honest communication with clients. 2RW is committed to setting clear expectations up front and helping clients weigh their options and risks to make informed decisions. We want our clients to feel confident that their project is in good hands and that issues will be resolved quickly and effectively. 2RW’s proactive approach to addressing issues and concerns that arise during a project provides clients with all the information they need to make the best decisions for their projects and helps keep projects on track and on budget.