Charlottesville VA

UVA Cyber and Physical Systems Link Lab Renovation

Scope of Services
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEP/FP)

The Link Lab at UVA’s School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS) was designed to support collaborative, interdisciplinary research and training. It is being used to develop and deploy cyber-physical systems (CPS) technologies and applications such as drones, autonomous vehicles, surgical robots, cyber security, and smart cities. By promoting collaboration across departments, the Link Lab enables UVA to advance this important research area.

2RW Project Case Study Main Image

Under our term contract, 2RW served as the prime consultant for the comprehensive renovation and provided MEP/FP engineering and construction administration services. This renovation combined space for the civil, electrical, mechanical, systems engineering, and computer science departments.

2RW conducted a systems study which identified potential issues with existing hydronic radiators. We then initiated discussions with Zone Maintenance during project kick-off to resolve these issues, resulting in a decision to remove the radiators and provide heat via two existing variable air volume (VAV) air handlers and increase reheat coil capacity accordingly. The study also identified that direct digital controls (DDC) had recently been installed which could be re-used for the existing VAV boxes, saving money and time and increasing energy efficiency.
As part of the renovation, 2RW coordinated with SEAS and the Facilities Management and Environmental Health & Safety departments to develop a safe, flexible, and cost-effective HVAC strategy for a 1,600 SF maker-space. The new system utilizes the existing air handling system with a new exhaust fan and provisions for adding two snorkel hoods in the future.

State-of-the art MEP/FP systems which incorporate PV solar power generation create an optimal preservation environment in which the facility benefits from improved environmental conditions with the lowest possible energy consumption


This innovative research space was instrumental in bringing in additional research grants.

Scope of Services
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Protection (MEP/FP)

OWNER: University of Virginia

TIMEFRAME: 2017 – 2019

SIZE: 17,000 SF

COST: $4.31 million


“Everything in our future is going to be connected through the internet—everything in the world in which we work and spend our lives. Cyber-physical systems form the link between computers, data, decision-making and the physical world, and cyber-physical systems let us do things in a much faster, more efficient and effective way. Our Link Lab is an environment where scholars and students can work together developing cyber-physical systems that will solve real-world problems and make the world a better place.”

– UVA Engineering Dean Craig H. Benson

LEED Certified