Roanoke, VA

Roanoke Police Academy

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning

Completed in 2009, the Roanoke Police Academy houses training facilities for all sworn members of the City of Roanoke, as well as all civilian members and police dispatchers for the Roanoke City Police Department. This 28,000-SF, two-story building is comprised of offices, conference rooms, training rooms, a natatorium, and a gym. These spaces require use-specific HVAC and lighting systems to maintain occupant comfort and deliver energy efficient performance.

2RW Project Case Study Main Image

2RW was contracted for commissioning services to verify that the facility’s energy-consuming systems were installed and operating as designed.

Commissioning of the systems revealed several deficiencies including incomplete installation work, inaccessible system components, unwired CO2 sensors, malfunctioning outside air dampers, and unintended triggering of lights. 2RW was involved throughout the construction process: chairing commissioning meetings, providing checklists to confirm system installations, witnessing functional performance tests, and reviewing control system trend logs to verify proper system operation.


2RW facilitated corrections to the deficiencies identified in the commissioning process and provided the owner with confidence that the building energy systems would now operate in the efficient manner intended by the design.

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning

OWNER: City of Roanoke

TIMEFRAME: 2008 – 2012

SIZE: 28,000 SF

COST: $22,500

  • Variable-Air-Volume rooftop units provide adjustable temperature.
  • Carbon dioxide sensors monitor indoor air quality.
  • Packaged pool energy recovery system preheats the pool water and fresh air using waste heat from the dehumidification process and exhaust air stream.
  • Building Automation System provides control of all HVAC systems based on scheduling features and programming logic.
  • Occupancy sensor controlled lighting based on dual-technology sensing.

LEED Silver