UVA Hotel and Conference Center, an Anchor for Emmet/Ivy Corridor

(Illustration courtesy of Deborah Berke Partners, Hanbury Architects, and the UVA Office of the Architect)

Improving the connection between UVA’s Center and North Grounds, the new Emmet/Ivy corridor will nurture opportunities for exploration and address Charlottesville’s need for large gathering places–providing a space for the University and Charlottesville communities to intermingle. Located at the heart of the corridor, the UVA Hotel and Conference Center features 215 rooms and 223,000 SF of hotel and conference space.

The recently approved design is targeting LEED Silver certification and will conform with the University’s 2030 sustainability goals. Final sustainable design approaches will be determined as the project progresses; however, some of the project’s early considerations include high-efficiency HVAC systems which meet requirements for a wide variety of space types and occupancy profiles, energy efficient LED lighting and controls, condensate recapture, and PV-ready roof.

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