D.C.’s Landmark Legislation for 100% Renewable Energy

Washington D.C. lawmakers have unanimously passed the strongest clean energy legislation in the country. The Clean Energy DC Omnibus Amendment Act of 2018 mandates that 100% of the District’s electricity comes from renewable sources by 2032. The wide-ranging provisions call for reduced building and transportation emissions, provide energy bill assistance for low- and moderate-income residents, and fund the D.C. Green Bank to attract private investment in clean energy projects. While dozens of other cities have announced climate action plans, D.C.’s is the most aggressive and is expected to have the largest impact.

The impacts of climate change are being felt in communities around the world. More-frequent and more-intense weather and climate-related events are expected, damaging infrastructure, ecosystems, and social systems. We applaud the District for its leadership in this critical area.


National Resource Defense Council

Solar Power World Online

Sierra Club

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