2RW Electronics Recycling Drive

Crutchfield DonationAmericans generated 14% of global e-waste in 2016, discarding 6.3 million tons of used electronics. Only 25% was recycled. The remainder, while only 2% of our solid waste stream, represented 70% of the hazardous materials in landfills. This waste not only increases the risk of exposure to harmful pollutants but represents an estimated $62.5 billion worth of raw materials that could have been diverted for re-use.

2RW’s Green Team recently held an electronics recycling drive to help employees responsibly dispose of e-waste. We’re excited to report that we collected four boxes of old electronics! Three were donated to Goodwill and can hopefully be re-used and one went to Crutchfield’s electronics recycling program.

While recycling is a great way to reduce the economic and environmental impacts of e-waste, we encourage everyone to reduce consumption and re-use natural resources wherever possible!