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James Madison’s Montpelier Renovation

Scope of Services
Electrical Systems Stabilization

The Montpelier Estate, lifelong home of President James Madison, was built in 1723 and owned by the Madison family for more than 120 years. In its history, the estate house grew from its original size and shape significantly. In the late 1980s, efforts began to restore the Montpelier Estate when the property was assumed by the College of William & Mary and the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Initial efforts focused on stabilizing the building, which had undergone a degree of deterioration. Many of the “modern” systems, such as knob-and-tube wiring, remained in service and were in need of repair or replacement.

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During this effort 2RW Consultants, Inc., under contract with the National Trust, provided research, programming, construction documents and construction administration services for the stabilization and upgrade of the electrical systems.

Work included extensive on-site investigation of existing conditions, establishment of recommendations for alleviating code and safety risks, preparation of design documents for the electrical upgrade, construction contract award, and construction administration. More extensive restoration of the mansion was completed and celebrated on Constitution Day, 2008, with exterior and interior restorations that transformed it into the home that James and Dolly Madison knew and revered.

Scope of Services
Electrical Systems Stabilization

OWNER: National Trust of Historic Preservation


SIZE: 36,000

COST: $100,000