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Henrico County Solar PV Assessments

Scope of Services
Solar PV Feasibility Study
RFP Technical Review

As part of an ongoing commitment to sustainability and reducing energy use and cost, Henrico County contracted with 2RW to help it identify County General Government facilities where energy savings could be achieved by installing photovoltaic (PV) systems. The County plans to contract with a local solar provider to install PV arrays at the identified sites through a Solar Power Purchase Agreement.

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2RW led a feasibility study of 18 potential sites throughout Henrico County to identify viable locations for PV installations. Services included:

  • Analysis of building age and roof and/or site area to determine suitability for a PV array and the potential array size.
  • Modeling of annual array production estimates on the three best sites to predict peak demand and annual utility cost savings.
  • A utility rate study comparing cost savings under each of Dominion Energy’s available rate schedules to identify the most advantageous utility rate.
  • Assessment of the building electrical systems to identify power system modifications required to support PV connections.
  • Management of a structural engineering sub-consultant to conduct site assessments.
  • Development of a detailed report summarizing structural and electrical feasibility, supplemental electrical work anticipated for successful installation, and projected energy and cost savings
  • Technical review of an RFP developed to identify a solar provider

The solar PV feasibility study identified three viable locations within Henrico County for PV installations (Libbie Mill Library, Western Government Center Parking Deck, and the Mental Health East Clinic) and summarized the energy and financial savings potential for each site.

Scope of Services
Solar PV Feasibility Study
RFP Technical Review

OWNER: Henrico County, VA


SIZE: 400,000 SF