Winchester, VA

Frederick County Middle School

Scope of Services
Energy Modeling
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEP/FP) Engineering

The goal for the new Frederick County Middle School—the only middle school in the County—was to create a progressive campus for the County’s under-served rural community. With this facility, Frederick County Public Schools set out to develop a new school prototype with open floor plans, efficient systems, and natural elements. Stepping outside the conventional design of double-loaded corridors lined with walled classrooms, this new learning environment is a community space built to serve its most-important tenants, the students.

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  • Energy modeling was performed to gather data for a comparison of building shell and HVAC alternatives. Based on numerous analyses, a hybrid geothermal HVAC system was selected as the most-cost-effective option.
  • MEP/FP design for the cafeteria, kitchen, gymnasium, locker rooms, auditorium, and library to serve an initial enrollment of 650 students and anticipated expansion up to 900 students.
  • Hybrid geothermal HVAC system design which was optimized to yield significant energy savings over the life of the facility and a return on investment (ROI) of fewer than 10 years.

To address community concerns about the cost of the school, 2RW provided a variety of data-supported options for the building shell and HVAC system. Working closely with school representatives and other design team members, 2RW helped evaluate and select the most-appropriate and most-cost-effective envelope, HVAC, plumbing, and lighting solutions to achieve the goals of conserving energy, water, and operating costs. The new school also creates an environment that promotes the health and well-being of all building occupants.

Scope of Services
Energy Modeling
Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing and Fire Protection (MEP/FP) Engineering

OWNER: Frederick County Public Schools

TIMEFRAME: 2013 – 2016

SIZE: 185,000 SF

COST: $44.2 million

  • Hybrid geothermal HVAC system
  • Exclusive use of LED lighting
  • On-site water generation and treatment
  • No fossil fuels utilized


2017 – Grand Prize Award, Learning by Design, American School Board Journal (ASBG)