Crozet, VA

Albemarle County Public Schools Crozet Elementary School HVAC Upgrade

Scope of Services
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

Under a term contract with Albemarle County Public Schools (ACPS), 2RW designed updates to an air-cooled chiller, oil-fired boilers, pumps, and HVAC controls at Crozet Elementary School.

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2RW provided mechanical and electrical engineering design services to accommodate the required HVAC modifications. The firm managed and coordinated other design consultants to complete the design and construction.

2RW’s services included:

  • Existing conditions review and scope development
  • HVAC design for one 40-ton air-cooled chiller and two 800 MBH oil-fired boilers
  • Collaboration with school board technical personnel to optimize an antiquated dual-temperature distribution system and HVAC controls
  • Construction management services throughout the bid and construction process
  • Leading on-site meetings, responding to contractor comments and questions, and reviewing payment request
  • Despite the aging building envelope, the renovated systems maintain temperature and humidity conditions in all seasons, making it more comfortable for students, teachers, and staff.
  • Accommodation of the school schedule and collaboration with ACPS and the contractor ensured that the project progressed on schedule and was completed before the 2015 – 2016 school year.
  • Final project costs came in lower than the original budget. 2RW evaluated the existing conditions and provided recommendations for the most pressing and most cost-effective modifications to accomplished project goals within a limited construction budget. For example, the owner initially requested that the boiler be replaced; however, 2RW recommended that its condition was acceptable and did not require immediate replacement.
Scope of Services
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering

OWNER: Albemarle County Public Schools


SIZE: 46,742 SF

COST: $144.55 million