Charlottesville, VA

Blue Moon Fund Headquarters

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning
LEED Energy Modeling

2RW Consultants, Inc. provided LEED Fundamental Commissioning and LEED energy modeling services for the Blue Moon Fund headquarters building in Charlottesville, VA. In March of 2010 the Blue Moon Fund was awarded LEED Gold certification by the U.S. Green Building Council for the renovation of their historical headquarters building in Charlottesville, VA.

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The two-story, high performance office building is heated and cooled by Variable Refrigerant Volume (VRV) heat pumps paired with energy recovery ventilators. Ductwork was carefully designed to preserve the historic nature of the building and central equipment was installed in the basement crawlspace and attic to maintain aesthetic appeal. A web-based energy management system provides controls for the HVAC equipment, allowing equipment operators to monitor and adjust system set-points and schedules remotely or on-site.

The novelty of the VRV heat pumps and the complexity of the control system required critical analysis by 2RW engineers in the development of functional performance tests to ensure that all modes of operation were fully tested at the time of construction completion. The commissioning process culminated in the functional performance testing of the installed systems. Preliminary commissioning tasks were also completed in order to provide the Owner with an all-encompassing commissioning process. 2RW’s experience with energy efficiency optimization resulted in the development of comprehensive sequences of operations in the Basis of Design document, ensuring what was designed was programmed and tested in the installed control system. Key commissioning tasks completed included:

The commissioning work included:

  • Assistance to the Owner in developing Project Requirements
  • Review of the Contractor’s Basis of Design documents
  • Development and execution of a detailed commissioning plan for the project
  • Verification of proper system installation through system verification checklists
  • Oversight of functional testing of commissioned systems including data logger trending
  • Development of a summary commissioning report for the project



The commissioning process benefited the owner in numerous ways, such as providing them with clear design documentation, the assurance of properly installed and working equipment, and the optimization of their high performance systems. The development of the energy model for the building resulted in 2RW engineers being acutely familiar with the building as a whole from envelope construction to HVAC system operation.

This “big picture” understanding of the building further enhanced the commissioning services 2RW was able to provide through increased awareness of the owner’s needs, the design intent, and building system capabilities.

Scope of Services
LEED Fundamental Commissioning
LEED Energy Modeling

OWNER: Blue Moon Fund

TIMEFRAME: 2009 – 2010

SIZE: 3,200 SF

COST: $6,250 (fee)