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Arlington Public Schools Feasibility Studies

Scope of Services
Feasibility Studies

With over 50% of the schools using relocatable classrooms, Arlington Public Schools (APS) hired five architectural firms to complete feasibility studies of 16 school locations and several community centers (former schools). 2RW was one of three engineering firms available to the teams and was selected by four of the architectural firms to assist in the study of additions or standalone structures aimed at maximizing capacity.

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  • Our firm met with the Principal and maintenance staff of each school before completing each site visit to assess the conditions of the existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems.
  • 2RW worked closely with each architectural partner to understand the scope of potential additions and/or standalone buildings.
  • Through the studies, our team discovered what impact the additions would have on the existing building infrastructure and our teams made recommendations for replacing or extending existing mechanical, electrical, plumbing and fire protection systems to serve the new building spaces.
  • 2RW analyzed the electric and gas consumption of the schools to assess overall building energy performance.

2RW completed studies on 18 schools and 2 community centers. Based on these feasibility studies, APS selected two project sites to proceed with design / construction of – an addition/renovation of Ashlawn Elementary School, and a new elementary school to be constructed on the existing site of Williamsburg Middle School. 2RW is the MEP consultant for both of these projects.

Scope of Services
Feasibility Studies

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