Utility Analysis

Compliant, comprehensive utility analysis for affordable housing properties – provided by our Zappling division.

Utility allowances play a significant role in the realm of affordable housing. Backed by over 30 years of experience, 2RW’s Zappling division has consulted for HUD and provided utility allowances for hundreds of public housing authorities and private properties across the country.

Zappling will identify and calculate the appropriate allowance schedule for a project and ensure it meets all relevant state and federal regulations. We also analyze the impact of efficiency upgrades and capital improvements on utility allowances to calculate paybacks and evaluate investment options.

Utility Analysis

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UApro™ is a web-based tool that streamlines the process of calculating utility allowances. UApro™ uses the HUD Utility Schedule Model (HUSM) as the basis of its calculations. The HUSM uses a utility consumption database based on RECS data, site-specific utility rate information, and certain building characteristics to estimate consumption and calculate utility allowances for dwelling units that receive affordable housing assistance.

UApro™ combines the expertise of 2RW’s Zappling engineers with the power of an online, automated allowance calculator to provide an unprecedented combination of affordability and accuracy.


UApro+™ calculates utility allowances for affordable housing properties using the Energy Consumption Model methodology and is compliant with 26 CFR 1.42-10.

UApro+™ provides a property-specific utility allowance by analyzing the unique characteristics of each site and dwelling unit type, which frequently results in lower utility allowances compared to other methodologies. UApro+™ is particularly beneficial for sites that are built to a moderate level of efficiency or that follow energy efficient design practices such as LEED™ and ENERGY STAR™. UApro+™ engineered allowances most often provide significant savings compared to PHA or HUSM allowances and can help increase net earnings, support better financing options, and provide additional revenues that can be reinvested into further efficiency projects.


ACpro is an online software tool developed by 2RW’s Zappling division to automate the data analysis and reporting process for HUD Notice H-2015-04 (Methodology for Completing Housing Utility Analysis).

ACpro provides an intuitive, user-friendly, and visually-appealing platform for entering, averaging, and analyzing tenant utility data to create utility allowances based on actual consumption. Users also gain insights into tenant utility usage patterns through a series of graphed results. ACpro is a cost-effective tool for meeting annual utility allowance requirements.

Utility Analysis Services:

  • LIHTC Property Utility Analysis:
    • Energy Consumption Model Utility Allowances – UApro+™
    • HUD Utility Schedule Model (HUSM) Utility Allowances – UApro™
    • Payback Analysis on Energy Efficiency Upgrades
    • Utility Usage Analysis for Capital Improvement Planning
  • Public Housing Utility Allowance Calculations
    • HUSM Utility Allowances – UApro™
    • Energy Consumption Model Utility Allowances – UApro+™
  • Housing Choice Voucher (Section 8) Utility Allowances
    • HUSM Utility Allowances – UApro™
  • Project-Based Section 8 Utility Allowances
    • Actual Consumption Utility Allowances – ACpro
  • RAD Conversion Utility Allowance Calculations
    • Energy Consumption Model Utility Allowances – UApro+™
    • Community Consumption Comparisons via HUSM Calculations
    • HUD Project-Specific Utility Allowance Waiver
    • Portfolio Manager® Utility Benchmarking