Lake County, FL

Lake-Sumter State College Residential Energy Training

Scope of Services
Energy Awareness and Training

2RW developed a five-part Residential Energy Efficiency Education Series for Lake-Sumter Community College (LSCC) in Lake County, Florida. The training series was part of an energy outreach effort funded by the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant (EECBG) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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The goal of the one-hour education series was to teach community residents about on simple ways to improve energy efficiency in their homes. 2RW developed speaker notes, visuals, and recorded trainings for Lake-Sumter officials to facilitate or present online in a webinar structure.


This training series covered the “Top Five” low-to-no cost actions individuals can take to save energy in each room. The top five actions emphasized energy saving behaviors and simple, low-cost actions homeowners and renters in Florida can put into practice.

Scope of Services
Energy Awareness and Training

OWNER: Lake-Sumter Community College

TIMEFRAME: 2011 – 2012

SIZE: 300,000 residents (est.)

COST: $4,000

  • Developed an educational series to help residents improve home energy efficiency
  • Suggested easy, concrete, low-to-no cost actions for lowering energy costs
  • Formatted presentation materials so they could be implemented by Lake-Sumter staff