Winson-Salem, NC

Housing Authority of Winston-Salem

Scope of Services
Energy Audit
Utility Allowance Calculations: UAPro

2RW engineers completed a water and energy savings technical analysis of 2,200 residences in seven public housing projects, three high rises, and numerous administrative buildings at the Housing Authority of Winston-Salem (HAWS) in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. The analysis included a utility bill audit, utility use and cost baseline development, a complete analysis of numerous energy and water conservation measures. Improvements include decentralization of central heating systems with individual high efficiency gas-fired furnace and domestic water heating, 1.6 gallon toilets, water restriction devices, automatic meter reading (AMR) systems, lighting, etc. The energy audit was completed as part of an energy and savings performance contract.

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2RW designed new gas-fired furnace systems with split-system air conditioners for 1,600 dwelling units.  The installation of individual space conditioning and domestic water heating systems helped the HAWS to meet four major objectives:

  • Decommission the central heating plants and abandon antiquated underground hot water piping
  • Upgrade natural gas distribution piping at each site in anticipation of the local utility assuming responsibility for the gas lines—this renovation permitted individual gas meters to be installed at each residence
  • Implement utility allowances for each household to permit the HAWS to re-bill the resident for excessive energy consumption
  • Provide central air conditioning for the residents

2RW calculated the new utility allowances for over 3,000 residences, as well.  At the three HAWS high rises, 2RW designed line carrier electric metering systems to permit metering of electricity use in each dwelling unit without the need for extensive rewiring. 2RW also designed new boiler installations for administrative buildings and air handling unit installations.


Scope of Services
Energy Audit
Utility Allowance Calculations: UAPro

OWNER: Housing Authority of Winston-Salem

TIMEFRAME: 2014 – 2016

SIZE: 2 million+ SF

COST: $6.8 million

ESTIMATED ENERGY SAVINGS: $1 million/year +/-