Milwaukee, WI

Housing Authority City of Milwaukee

Scope of Services
Energy Audit

The Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM) includes a number of public housing sites consisting of high and low-rise apartments, townhouses, and detached and duplex style housing with a total of 4,566 dwelling units. HACM also maintains rental and maintenance offices for each of the sites as well as a Community Services building.

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2RW performed an energy audit of dwelling and related non-dwelling facilities. The audit focused on the existing building envelope, mechanical, electrical, lighting, plumbing and control systems in order to determine energy and water related improvements and savings.

Potential energy conservation measures (ECMs) were first established. Various tools were then used to calculate energy and water savings. Once savings were determined, 2RW developed cost estimates and payback periods in order to verify economical feasibility. Utility analyses were completed for each property to establish baseline energy consumption and trends.  Life-cycle cost (LCC) analyses were also completed for each ECM that was recommended.



The most notable ECMs recommended were temperature limiting controls within dwelling units and boiler and furnace upgrades to high efficiency condensing boilers and furnaces. Total project savings were estimated at $369,149.


Scope of Services
Energy Audit

OWNER: Housing Authority City of Milwaukee (HACM)


SIZE: 22 properties; 4,566 units/houses