Elkton, MD

Elkton Housing Authority

Scope of Services
RAD Physical Condition Assessment

Elkton Housing Authority (EHA) was preparing to apply for conversion of their properties under the rental assistance demonstration (RAD) program. As a step in this process, they needed to assess their properties to determine which ones might be viable candidates.

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As a key element in EHA’s application to privatize housing sites, 2RW conducted RAD physical condition assessments (RPCAs) at three locations:

  • Elkton Elderly Housing
  • Rudy Park Townhome Apartments
  • Windsor Townhome Apartments

2RW reviewed building drawings, recent energy audits, work order histories, and a recent energy performance contract (EPC) proposal to help EHA determine its goals and better understand the properties. Then, 2RW visited the sites to observe building and site conditions, interview EHA personnel about operation and maintenance issues, and assess compliance of the facilities with present codes and standards. 2RW also investigated energy- and water-saving strategies.

From the information gathered, 2RW prepared a 20-year capital improvement plan (CIP) complete with estimated costs for building repairs and upgrades. The CIP included a 20-year schedule for repairs and improvements to help with cash flow projections. It also included the energy- and water-saving strategies identified in the EPC energy audit (with updated utility rates) and prioritized project implementation with an emphasis on rapid remediation of life safety, health, accessibility, and code compliance issues. 2RW entered the findings into the RAD database to support EHA’s RAD application.

Scope of Services
RAD Physical Condition Assessment

OWNER: Elkton Housing Authority (EHA)


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