Roanoke, VA

Roanoke Courthouse Building Lighting Retrofit

Scope of Services
Electrical Engineering

2RW teamed with Dominion Architects to perform a building-wide lighting retrofit for the City of Roanoke’s Courthouse. The retrofit helped to reduce the Courthouse’s lighting power consumption while allowing the building to maintain recommended illumination levels.

2RW Project Case Study Main Image

2RW reviewed archived records of the building, conducted field observations of the lighting systems, and created a detailed energy efficiency lighting assessment which identified appropriate lighting retrofit solutions based on fixture type and space. The lighting assessment also:

  • Determined the baseline for comparing retrofit alternatives
  • Determined retrofit alternatives for light fixture types, control strategies, and estimated material costs
  • Balanced the retrofit implementation cost and retrofit lighting power density to maximize the reduction of energy consumption resulting from the retrofit
  • And determined future paybacks resulting from greater energy efficiency


Scope of Services
Electrical Engineering

OWNER: City of Roanoke


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